Work Home Career Kit 
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Dear Work Homers:

I am discontinuing this site or should I say the up-keep of it. There are of course many sites listed that probably don't pull up or are non-existent being that this site has been created almost 3 years ago. Work home companies change open and close frequently. With that being said, there are many other tools for work home resources out there as well as forums. A basic Google search will give you the majority of what I have used to compile these companies into one place. I trust that the information presented here will at least be a push, a stepping stone if you will to assist with your work home search efforts. Use these pages as a resource for  you. Take a company, put it in a search engine along with terms like "virtual list" or "work from home" and see what pulls up. More than likely, there are others that not only have discussed the company but have provided information on additional companies that may be hiring or accepting applicants. I wish you well on your search and for those that have been blessed to receive employment through these pages, I feel honored to have been a part of that.

Be Blessed,